Interested in Shipping Cargo by Sea to Japan? Important information to know before sending to Japan

Interested in Shipping Cargo by Sea to Japan? Important information to know before sending to Japan

Are you interested in shipping to Japan? If you ship to Japan there are some documents that you must have ready before shipping your shipping abroad. Make sure you have a passport for each family member. It is also beneficial to copy the page with your photograph.

If you are staying in Japan for a long time you also need information about your home in Japan including address and visa to work in Japan for more than one year.

You need the original declaration for unloaded luggage to Japan together with two additional copies of this document. This document will contain details of the goods in each shipment including the number of pieces. See Form C 53602 if you are not a Japanese citizen. For Japanese citizens see form 5360.

If you arrive in Japan through a commercial carrier these forms are likely to be available to you on the aircraft. You can also get the forms before you arrive to Japan via flight controllers.

Please note the importance of the form above. If you do not have this form available on the day of arrival in Japan you will be expected to write an excuse letter to the Japanese Customs Office. This is likely to delay the approval of your shipping delivery and you may also need to pay additional import duties.

As usually required for international shipping you need to prepare a detailed inventory list of the items you send. You can write this list in English or Japanese but make sure it provides a lot of information. Just writing miscellaneous or packaged by the owner is not acceptable.

When your cargo arrives in Japan to go through customs clearance you should plan to be present. You may transport used household goods and personal fees duty free as long as you have owned and used these goods for at least one year before shipping.

Most shipments entering Japan are inspected by Japanese customs officials. Note that if there are locked suitcases or suitcases in your freight container be careful to provide a key so that customs officials can inspect the content. You should also provide a shipping address and phone number for your shipping when you arrive in Japan to warn Japanese customs officials to the final destination of the package. A reliable shipping company can help you navigate in this process.

Limited items on delivery to Japan

If you ship to Japan certain items are restricted. All items that are restricted should be stored so that they are easily accessible in the customs office of Customs officials. There are restrictions on sending alcohol rice tobacco and video to Japan. If you ship rice to Japan there are limitations on the quantities you can deliver. You must also take care to describe the inventory including the weight of the rice in the container. For those who are interested in sending video cassettes to Japan make sure you enter a detailed list.

You may be required to pay taxes and taxes on some electrical appliances as well as new items that you ship to Japan. It is advisable to enter an invoice for these items.

You can ship any items that are duty free to Japan as long as you ship them in limited quantities. These items include alcoholic beverages cigarettes cigars pip tobacco and perfume. It is advisable that you consult a professional freight supplier for more information about the exact quantity you can ship freely to Japan.

Send a car to Japan

If you want to send a car to Japan you can send a vehicle duty free if you establish a residence in the country as long as the vehicle meets certain import requirements. When you have sent a car to Japan duty free you are expected to keep it in your possession for at least two years after the date of your import permit.

In addition there are some changes that are required for foreign vehicles to meet Japanese emission and safety regulations. If these requirements are not met you are expected to pay import duties.

Move abroad and take a house to Japan

If you move abroad and want to bring a pet to Japan make sure you have the original rabies certificate issued by your veterinarian within six months before arriving in Japan but at least one month old.

You must also have a health and entry certificate from the quarantine office at the place of origin of your animal. This certificate must be approved by USDA APHIS VS. Please note that certificates issued by private veterinarians are not acceptable.

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